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Subject: Dog Pound Daze, part 1Dog Pound Daze by lennoxbearaol.comThe following is continuation of characters presented in Feelings of
Security.NOTE: This story includes references and descriptions to gay, male Preteen Model Galleries to male
sex, if such matters offend you, please exit. Also, actions of a sexual
nature occur in this story which are not a statement supporting unsafe
sexual practices, this is a work of fiction and fantasy.The Dog Pound Gym was Preteen Model Galleries a bona fide hit. Not only did they not lose any
members from the old gym when it moved, but they gained so many new members
that Richard became full-time to help Red run the place. They were both
putting in long hours but decided they had to wait a few months to see how
things fell into place financially in order to evaluate whether hiring
another assistant manager was warranted. But, the way they worked things
out, they both had time for lunch and a workout during the day and mixed in
a little socializing along the way. The big grand opening party had been
postponed until business calmed down and the weather got warmer. Tom and
Eric wanted to promote the groundbreaking for the pool and were targeting
MayTom was helping in the afternoons whenever he could get away from his first
job installing data communications systems for Eric. Tom would watch the
front desk in the afternoon to give Red and Richard that free time and
break they needed. Besides, having a big, beefy muscle hunk at the door to
greet people made for a good visual. Richard was convinced every gay man
in a 50mile radius was joining in the hopes of sharing a shower with Tom.
And Tom had learned very well how to sell muscle at the door. He often
worked in a skimpy tank top to show off the slabs of fur covered pecs. He
had let the fur all grow back after his experience in Chicago and only on
rare sexual occasions would Eric now consent to his being shaved. His tall
good looks, tight cut flattop and goatee made him a hit with men and women
alike. If any one was turned off by the pierced nips, they never said. He
just won them over with charm. That is if they even noticed the nips after
spying the prominent basket.Tom would also workout in the gym and the members seemed to like his
camaraderie and focused workouts. Preteen Model Galleries He was happy to provide tips and spot
anyone who asked. Preteen Model Galleries And since he often wore skintight shorts to go with the
skimpy tank tops, he was asked to spot members quite often. It got to a
point that his workouts began to suffer. He and Eric began splitting their
workout time between the gym twice a week and in their home gym four times
a week. The gym members seemed to really enjoy watching the two of them
work out together. Red theorized gay men all over town were going home and
having intense sex after watching them.Which is also what had begun to happen for Tom and Eric. They began taking
Tom Pratt’s special supplements again which not only helped with their
workout energy and overall tone Preteen Model Galleries
but also added a real rush to their sex
life. The first couple of weeks or so on the supplements produced a couple
of near embarrassing moments in the showers for them. They had finished
their usual high-energy workout and hit the showers only to be standing
together fighting back erections and the desire to fuck on the spot. After
that, it was easier to throw on sweats and head home to fuck and then
shower. Their workouts at home almost always ended up with both men
finishing their sets in the nude and Eric fucking Tom’s huge muscular and
eager butt. Near the end of their workout, Eric always found some way to
dangle his dick in front of his son. Tom was always quick to swallow every
thick, veined inch. Eric had also developed a deep love for his boy’s
sweat and smell. He found licking his sweaty boy to be a super sex lift
and made his cock seem even harder.About three months into the new routine and business, Tom and Eric were
pounding iron at home and Eric could no longer control his dick. He had
peeled off his shorts and stood before Tom in all his 6′5″, 300 pound,
tight, muscular glory with a 16″ hardon throbbing in front of him. Tom
finished his last set and before he could blink, Eric pulled him from the
machine, threw him over his shoulders and carried him into their home
sauna. Within minutes, both men were dripping with sweat and wrestling to
get a strong hold on each other. In reality, Tom was only trying to get
into a position to get the big cock up his ass faster. But Eric was after
as much hard sweaty contact as he could get. He would deeply breathe in
Tom’s pure smell and lick him from head to toe, then bury his tongue in the
wet, slippery ass until Tom was begging for his dick. This scene never
ever needed lube. Tom would only have to bend over and grip his cheeks to
open them wide. Eric’s slipped his fat, fist sized cock head past Tom’s
sphincter and drove it home. He would wrap his arms around the sweaty man
and hold on as Tom bucked and thrust his ass back to meet Eric’s inward
thrusts. Eric never failed to unload about a gallon of his thick, creamy
cum into Tom’s ass. Tom would save Preteen Model Galleries
his load to shoot in the shower knowing
it would get him fucked again.Their sweat and sex workout, coupled with the Pratt supplements and muscle
building diet, made them lean, freaky fur covered muscleheads. They
demanded attention wherever they went but they missed the parade of buddies
who used to come over to workout. To that end, the Dog Pound had been too
successful.The success of the gym had an equal effect on Red’s sex drive. It was all
Darrell and Ron could do to calm him down after a day of work at the gym.
Surrounded by all that muscle and also being on the Pratt plan was turning
Red into a fucking terror. Being a short pitbull-built man didn’t stop him
from adding more mass. The more mass, the more he needed to be fucked.
Darrell and Ron would each fuck him when he got home, then he would pound
Ron’s ass and need to be fucked again to get him tired enough to fall
asleep. One day at the gym, Darrell cornered Tom Pratt and asked him to
suggest that Red cut back on the supplements. The doctor informed him,
that he had cut back the amounts Red was getting already. The sex drive
they were seeing on the increase was just Red’s natural state. Sort of a
fuck me frenzy. Preteen Model Galleries
Darrell whistled softly and rubbed his sore dick. They
needed to get Red’s more toys.Try as they might, members were not successful in getting either Tom or Red
into bed. They had both agreed that they would not use the business for
sexual gain. The temptations were plenty but both boys remained loyal to
their business credo and to their lovers. That is unless their lovers
combined for a hot five-way scene.Dell, on the other hand, made no secret to anyone that he was single and
looking, but he was also discriminating with whom he would make contact.
He didn’t jump into bed with everyone who came along no matter how much
they managed to show off their dicks in the cafe. It amazed him how
creative guys could be to get him to notice their erections. He would
simple smile and offer more attention, but never cross the sexual bounds.Dell had been in town for four months now and had only had sex with Preteen Model Galleries one man
on one night. He was indeed ready for the right man. Dell planned his day
around running the cafe and fitting in a workout. He met lots of
interesting men between the gym and the bars but no one was knocking him
off his feet. He had noticed several men in the gym during his workout
times but only one got his juices flowing. Unfortunately, the guy didn’t
seem to notice him very much. Dell had found out the guy went by the name,
Woody and would go out of his way to be friendly. Woody was never
unfriendly, but always somewhat shy and aloof. Dell would spot him on a
set and the two would exchange a few comments but never carry on a
conversation very long. He seemed to notice Dell’s thick fire plug
muscular body but never seemed to be overly interested.Woody was pushing all the right buttons for Dell. He was tall, at 6′
compared to Dell’s 5′6″, lean and hard. The body was perfectly
proportioned for his height and covered in thick round, full muscles. The
guy worked out hard and fast and was extremely focused on his routine. So
much so, that Dell overheard people comment that they felt he was stuck up
and loaded with attitude. He had never given Dell that impression and
appeared shyer than attitudinal. His hair was cut in a high and tight that
complimented the cleft chin and big, white smile perfectly. He had a long
torso and big round beefy butt that curved to long round quads and diamond
shaped calves. He seldom wore a tank top but most of his T-shirt’s hugged
the plump pecs. The same held true for his shorts since mostly he wore
sweatpants. But the clothes did nothing to disguise the heavily muscled
physique.Dell would think up ways of leading the conversation with Woody to trick
him into dropping his guard. He was desperate to find out if Woody was gay
but the man didn’t give up any secrets. He had come into the cafe
several times for sports drink or a specialty health food drink. He
quietly chatted with Dell if he wasn’t busy but never stayed long. He was
most animated when they talked about working out, routines, supplements and
bodybuilders. After three months of drooling non-stop, Dell had confided
in Red that he was giving up. The man was too good to be true. Dell would
have to settle for going home and beating his meat alone. Red teased him
about a Preteen Model Galleries
four way with his lovers but Dell passed every time.Eric and Tom’s little group of Preteen Model Galleries friends soon became Preteen Model Galleries
the high-energy show at
the gym. The after work, prime time hours would often find Marsh and Jack,
Frank with Don, Darrell and Ron working out to taunt Red, Tom Pratt and Dan
who had opened a second restaurant closer to town, and occasionally Kyle
and Mark. They had a lot of fun together but all managed to get super
pumped and be the envy of many members. They were also the reason many
members became regulars Preteen Model Galleries
inspired by the muscle parading back and forth.
They lived by gym etiquette and were quick to include guys in the circuit
and share equipment. When their schedules, permitted Joe and Vic, who were
becoming more and more of a couple, would show up to workout. Vic had been
overwhelmed with work and Joe would often hit the gym alone then go home to
cook dinner for them at one of their places.Many of the gay muscle wannabes in town were also inspired to better their
lifestyles by being around the fun group. They made killing yourself
enjoyable. If someone didn’t make a workout, members would ask Red if they
were sick or if something was wrong. Red referred to them as his little
Muscle Marketing Team.Vic struggled to get to the gym everyday when time allowed. The police
department was short-staffed and he was covering extra hours. But, was
becoming overly frustrated that he couldn’t work out with Joe and that his
work was keeping them apart. Joe accepted it as a fact of life and told
him to not let it bother him. He didn’t mind sleeping alone and hoped
their time would come.One evening, Vic had to cover for a fellow officer down with the flu and
stopped at the building to inform Joe. He checked at the gym but no one
had seen him, so Vic wandered from floor to floor in the building looking
for his buddy. As he walked through a dark floor that was under going
renovation for a new tenant, he thought he heard someone in a closed
office. As he walked through the space being converted for cubicles, he
felt someone come up behind him and make a successful grab for his gun. He
was pushed forward and the gun dropped to the floor. A heavy boot came
down on the back of his neck before he could recover. His hands were
grabbed from his sides and before he realized it he was cuffed with his own
issue. A deep voice spoke in the darkness.”I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, cop pig.” Vic was
pulled to his knees as thick legs wrapped around his waist and a meaty
forearm closed around his throat. “Your fucking ass is mine.” The snaps
on Vic’s uniform shirt were pulled apart and rough hands slid down to grab
his hard pecs. Pain shot through his nips as the fingers twisted and
pinched. Vic struggled but each move brought another article of clothing
closer to the edge.”You hungry for some fat cock, pig?” Vic smelled the hefty odor of Joe in
the darkness. Joe came around to stand in front of him. He felt the hard
blunt end of Joe’s uncut prick. It may have been a game but Vic wanted it
badly now. He held his lips Preteen Model Galleries closed and made Joe force them open to suck
the already throbbing cock. He realized it was a role they had always
talked about playing and that he probably should have resisted more but the
man scent from Joe’s body made him swallow the shaft to the root. “So,
we’re an eager little piggy, eh?”Vic sucked the sweaty cock and felt his nips being pulled to the point of
painful pleasure. He had pulled his chest back to make Joe’s titplay even
more intense. Joe grabbed thick handfuls of Vic’s chest and squeezed the
thick, hard muscle. Then he would bring his fingers back to a point on the
nips. Joe forced his balls into Vic’s sloppy mouth. The cop sucked until
he heard Joe start to groan.”No way fucker, you ain’t getting me to shoot just yet. Not with some cop
ass that needs plugging.” He rammed his cock hard against the back of
Vic’s throat made the cop wobble backwards on his knees. Joe held him by
his round traps to keep his cock buried in the cop’s drooling mouth. The
hot, callused hands massaged the broad shoulders and ran down the length of
the tight back to the waistband. He wrapped his furry forearms around the
cop’s head and hugged him close. “Your ass need plugging, pig?” Vic
muffled an affirmative, as Joe pulled his cock from the sucking lips.Joe stood behind the sweating cop and undid the heavy belt buckle forcing
the uniform pants down to his bent knees. Vic’s face brushed roughly
against the dirty carpet as he gasped for breath. He felt Joe grab the
waistband on his briefs and Preteen Model Galleries
rip them off his body. Vic felt the cold air
on his exposed wide, beefy, sweaty butt. Two solid slaps across his cheeks
made him moan out loud. “Yeah, flex that ass for me pig. Make me work to
get my dick in there.” He heard the handcuff keys click open the lock.
His arms were jerked to a locked position in front of him for support.
“Yeah, that’s better.” Joe’s stubble-covered face pressed against the rock
hard glutes and Vic relaxed as Joe forced his tongue into the moist crack.
Joe licked from the base of Vic’s floppy balls to the small of his back and
spit was soon dripping from the cop’s nutsack.Vic felt the big, fat wide head of Joe’s cock push against his puckered
hole and force open the channel for the rest of the fat prick. It slid in
easily from the licking he had just had. Both men let out a long breath as
Joe slowly pulled back out then drove back in to the base. He began
rocking Vic’s ass with his thrusts as Vic tried to grip the carpet to keep
from sliding. Joe’s 22″ biceps closed around the sweaty cop’s chest as he
increased the speed. He felt Vic’s cock slapping against his hands as he
fucked the beefy bull. Vic began moaning with pleasure as Preteen Model Galleries Joe mumbled holy
fuck over and over. The two men writhed against each other for 20 minutes
before Vic’s breathing became laboured and shallow with his cumming. The
spasming ass triggered Joe’s cock and unloaded huge gobs of white cum all
over the cop. Joe leaned against Vic as they gasped for breath. Joe
slowly got up and turned on a light.Vic was still kneeling on the floors, his pants around his knees and
streams of cum oozing down his bulging hamstrings. His shirt was crumpled
up around his shoulders and his face covered with dust from the carpet.
Joe walked over with a shop towel and wiped the cum from his legs. He
helped him to stand up. He kissed the beefy cop and then undid the
handcuffs. He massaged Vic’s sore wrists and looked at the sweat and dirt
streaked face.”Oh man, I made a real mess of you. Sorry.” He began brushing the dust
from Vic’s uniform. Vic just stood there and blinked.”I have to be back at work in 45 minutes. That’s why I was looking for
you. They have to find someone else to fill in in these situations, this
is killing me.” Joe was trying to pull Vic’s pants back up over the broad,
veined thighs. Vic stopped him. “We have a few more minutes, fuck me
again.” He pulled his shirt off and draped it over a doorknob. He walked
over to a desk and pulled the tarp off. Kicking off his work shoes, he
dropped his pants to the floor and lay back Preteen Model Galleries on the desktop. His knees
spread to show his fucked asshole.Joe walked over and pulled him forward to slide three fingers into the
stretched hole. Vic moaned. Joe placed his hands under the man’s knees
and pressed his legs back and apart. His cock was up and hard again and
slid back in to the balls. He leaned between Vic’s widespread legs and
kissed him passionately, driving his tongue as far into the cop’s throat as
possible as he began rocking the man back and forth on his fat prick for
another 20 minute fuck. Vic worked his own nips into full erection and
squeezed them raw. His cock was oozing precum and then shot a load into his
deeply etched abs. Joe let go with a second load deep inside Vic’s ready
hole. The two men kissed and licked at each other’s face.”Yeech, you’re all gritty.” Joe pulled him to his feet and wrapped his
blond furry guns around the stocky man.”Well, fucker, you’re the one who pushed me across the carpet on my face.”"How late do you work?”"Only till nine, why?”"My place, dinner?”"OK, your place and you can fuck me again. We have to move in together. I
want to find you in my bed when I get home every night. I know enough about
you to know how I feel and that I want you around all the time. Can we talk
this weekend?”"Yeah, sure, but you better get back to work before they think you’re
AWOL.”Vic pulled his uniform pants back on and Joe raised his eyebrows. “Oh
yeah, I tore up your underwear.” He watched as the stocky Preteen Model Galleries muscle cop Preteen Model Galleries got
dressed and let Preteen Model Galleries his fat, thick cock hang down in his snug uniform. The
big, erect nipples stood out even under the heavy shirt. He was a uniformed
wet dream.The tow men hugged. Joe wrapped his thick forearm around Vic’s neck and
kissed him deeply. “This goes against every thing I said, but I think I
love you.” He felt the breath escape from Vic as the man muzzled against
his neck.”I think I am finally past the point where I can say the same thing and not
worry about the guilt over Ted.”They held hands as they walked back to the main entrance of the dark
building. Vic kissed Joe one more time before going back to work. If
anyone had happened to walk by at that time, he wouldn’t have cared. Vic
got into his cruiser and drove back to work as Joe headed to the gym for
what was to be one of his best workouts in along time. Red had to ask why
he was so happy. Joe just smiled and winked. Tom and Red looked at each
other. Their expressions were one of, ohhhhh.Tom was helping at the front desk and in the store while Eric worked out.
The store was having a difficult time keeping up with the demand for
supplements. Everyone seemed to think if they took everything in sight,
they would get as big as Eric or Tom. Tom didn’t tell them about the
special supplements. He watched as a good-looking man followed Eric around
like an eager muscle pup. He didn’t like to be jealous but this guy had
been doing this a lot lately. Tom knew him to see him but couldn’t put a
name to the face. He had worked out earlier in the afternoon in order to
be able to help out when needed. He shook off the uneasy feeling and
smiled at the next eager customer.It was late on a Friday evening and Dell was pumping iron himself. The
cafe closed at 8:00 PM and he wanted a good pump in case he felt like
going out trolling for dick in the bars. He had become more than just a
bit sexually frustrated as of late. He still hadn’t met anyone in whom he
was remotely interested and he really hated one night stands. But he
thought he might have to change his thinking before his nuts exploded. It
was getting close to closing and he rushed to get a shower. Tom and Red
were shutting the store and closing the offices. Most of the regular
members had left. He bounced out to the desk and told them he would only
be a few minutes. Tom told him to take his time since he had Preteen Model Galleries to wait for
Eric.Dell wandered through the lockers to his employee locker and heard water
running in the communal showers and not the individual ones. The idea of
showering next to Preteen Model Galleries Eric would be just what he needed to get him past his one
night stand shyness. He grabbed his towel and soap and walked down the
hallway. Just around the corner he could see the outline of Eric’s back,
water spraying off the wide lats. Eric was standing under the warm spray,
tugging on his hard nips. He reached down and said something. Dell was
about to hang up his towel when he saw the other feet around the low wall.
Eric couldn’t see him from this side and as Dell looked in he saw the water
from another shower beating off the head moving back and forth on Eric’s
monster cock. His jaw dropped as he realized what was happening. He took
his towel and soap and charged back to the individual shower stalls. Eric
and Tom were already gone when he got upstairs. Red was thumbing through a
magazine waiting.”Sorry, I didn’t mean to take so long. Tom and Eric leave?”"Yeah, I think Tom was a wee bit horny for his Friday night fuck. And
dinner. But we still have one more person downstairs to leave.” As Red
put the magazine back on the reception table, the last man came up from the
locker rooms. Dell came out of the cafe and stopped in his tracks.
Dell looked the man in the face and quickly smiled.”Hey, I didn’t know you were still here. Would you like to join me for a
late dinner, if you haven’t eaten?”Dell blinked and caught his breath, “Uh, no thanks, I have plans, maybe
some other time.”"OK, see ya.” Dell watched as Red locked the door behind the last member.”Just have one more light to turn off and then we are out of here.
Something wrong?” Red saw the look on Dell’s face.”No, I just lost my desire to go out and suddenly I’m not so hungry.”"Not sick are you?”"No, sick is not the word I would use. Ray is working the cafe this
weekend, so I’ll see you on Monday, unless I get the urge to work out over
the weekend.”"OK, get some rest buddy. Good night.” Red kissed Dell on the cheek and
herded him out the door. He heard Dell sigh deeply as he walked to his
truck. Red sprinted to his car and zipped home to his lovers and their hot
bed. Darrell and Ron were waiting and ready, waving stiff boners at Red as
he undressed. He dove under the covers and they were soon a mass of arms,
legs and dicks struggling for attention. Richard was opening the gym in
the morning, so Red was up for a night of non-stop fucking and sucking.
His lovers were only too happy tonight to oblige.Tom was ready to rip off his clothes the moment they hit the door but Eric
quietly walked up to the bedroom and was soon asleep before Tom could get
revved. Tom lay with his arm around the big, furry muscle stud and softly
kissed the shoulders and neck. Eric was usually more than willing to have
a quick fuck, but Tom figured that he must be worn out from the long week.
Tom snuggled against his muscle dad and fell asleep. He woke up several
hours later and felt Eric’s thick shaft poking hard against him. He slid
down under the covers and swallowed the veined horse cock. Eric soon woke
up and pushed his head down further. Tom slobbered over the shaft getting
it good and wet. He sat up Preteen Model Galleries and straddled the bulbous head and slowly slid
his butt down over it. Eric moaned and raised his hips to push his dick in
as far as possible. They fucked like this for a long time, Tom riding his
master’s Preteen Model Galleries rigid dick like a rodeo rider. Eric tensed his back and Tom felt
the searing hot cum fill his hole. He let his load spew out over Eric’s
hairy chest and abs. As Eric relaxed, Tom slowly let his cock slide out of
his butt. He got up to grab a towel and returned to find Eric sitting on
the side of the bed staring out of the dark window.”You OK?” Tom handed him the towel and climbed back into bed. Eric wiped
the cum from his abs and turned to take the towel back to the bathroom.
Tom heard the stream of piss hitting the water. Eric came back and
snuggled next to him.”Yeah, I’m Ok, just thinking about something and feeling tired.” He curled
his pillow-sized biceps under Tom’s head. Tom sniffed the furry underarm.”Lots of stuff happening in the office?”"Sort of, just had something on my mind that happened today.”"Anything, I can help with?” Tom ran his hand over the mounds of muscle on
Eric’s upper torso.”No, no. Something I need to take care of myself. Let’s get some sleep.”
Tom curled his legs around Eric’s and was soon sound asleep. Eric lie
awake running his hand over Tom’s thick back. He looked at Tom’s peaceful
face and lightly kissed his forehead. He slid his arm out from under the
man’s head and got up from the bed. He walked to the office down the hall
and picked up the telephone to dial the number he had retrieved from his
jeans.”Hi, this is Eric, we need to talk.”Comments - suggestions? Lennoxbearaol.com

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